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Majic Forest Shepherds is a Utah/Idaho long coat German Shepherd breeder of high-quality, West German bloodlines. I breed stock short and stock long coat shepherds and produce all levels of energy drives. Medium for the average family wanting a calm and easy dog and high for the sport enthusiast looking to do SAR and Schutzhund work.

Puppies are put through a complete series of temperament tests at seven weeks of age to evaluate their temperament and energy level for their new homes and owners. Each puppy is carefully placed to ensure a successful match that makes everybody happy.

When breeding, I only select healthy, beautiful dogs with sound temperaments and proven pedigrees. I carefully evaluate how each breeding pair will compliment each other to ensure only their very best qualities are passed on to maintain the exceptional European German Shepherd standard.

Long Coat German Shepherd Breeder

Our long coat German shepherd Puppies are socialized, exercised and loved on a daily basis. All puppies sold come with health, hip  guarantees. 

I am dedicated to breeding and raising quality German Shepherds for companionship and workability. My number one goal is to provide you with your ideal dog.

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Majic Forest German Shepherds/Vickie Garrick reserves the right to decline service and sales to any individual/enitity
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