When selecting females for my breeding program, I look for proven pedigrees of
good health, great character and excellent temperament. A balanced temperament 
in a breeding female is critical as these characteristics are passed onto their 
progeny in the first weeks of their lives.  

All females are health and hip certified.
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Long Coat German Shepherd Breeders

 Home of the 'fuzzy' puppy........
The female is such an important part of any breeding program.

She not only brings her portion of the genetics,  she also raises the litter for 
the first 8 weeks of life.  Imprinting them with her own personalty.  

Having a well balanced bitch, guarantees the puppies a good start in life.

She calms them down if they are too rambunctious,  in a fair and gentle way.

She teaches them boundaries and what is hers,  she also teaches them sharing and if they ask and are patient they can have her tasty morsel.

At Majic Forest long German Shepherds, we choose females for heir 
well rounded temperament,  their love of people,  their balanced drives.  Deep pigment and  strong structure .

We  have long and short stock coated dogs.    Black long coated german shepherds, bi colored long coated german shepherds,  and red and black german shepherds of both coat lengths.  All have the under coat that is required for show and competition in the SV (German) working and show

We specialize in Long Coat West European German shepherds.

Inkka vom Majic Forest
"Mollie"  Berit vom Majic Forest
Orie  vom Majic Forest
Fira Zeeva vom Majic Forest
Ella vom Majic Forest
Danigal vom Mittelwest

                      co owned with Lisa in Illinois
Rapunzel vombauernhaus

                            owned by John Walicki in PA
Whitneys Fuzzy Girl  "Tank"
                       who started us on the long coat journey
Brita vom Majic Forest
    Poppye vom Majic Forest

Mya        (to follow)
Lyttle vom Majic Forest
Taboo vom Majic Forest
Ragge vom Majic Forest
M Jackie vom Majic Forest